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Genre: Atmospheric Doom Death Metal


"..There's nothing more compelling than a band that tends to stray away from the already conquered grounds of the Metal battlefield. It's nice to hear something different every once and awhile and that's what drew me towards KIMAERA .."
"..I had never heard so many darker genres fused together at once. There's a bit of something for every Metal fan."

KIMAERA was founded back in summer 2000 by Vocalist/Guitarist JP, under the name 'Chimera' . The band makes original music with a dinstinctive style coming across as a combination of the members' different and various influences into a mixture of Symphonic/Atmospheric/Doom/Death Metal, with a gothic feel through passages of violins , pianos and female vocals. KIMAERA managed to release a self-produced Single entitled 'God's Wrath' in March 2004, which is available for download at their official site.The single got excellent reviews worldwide and helped the band getting more exposure in the underground metal scene. The line-up went through lots of changes throughout the years, which caused the band many setbacks, and most recently, the departure of the female vocalist Sabine , the keyboardist Moe and Pascal Elias the drummer (the 3 of them left the country after recording their tracks for the debut album). The current line-up is complete again but with no female vocalist.

'Ebony Veiled', KIMAERA's debut album was released in Lebanon in February 2006 and soon to be released worldwide through one of the best russian underground labels 'StygianCrypt Productions'.

KIMAERA is currently working on their second full length.


Jean-Pierre Haddad: Vocals/Guitars
Paul Garabed: Guitars
Wissam Abiad: Bass
Simon Saade: Drums
Said El Hayek: Keys
Milia : Violins


KIMAERA has performed so far in the following events :

Live at Discordance - March 2006

Live at Madwheels - November 2004

Live at Purple Haze - February 2003

Live at Babalu - January 31 2003

Live at Peakhall - January 11 2003

Live at Peakhall - November 9 2002


Ebony Veiled Ebony Veiled
2 - Among the Dead
5 - In a Dying Embrace
8 - Ebony Veiled
1 - Disarray
3 - Idyllic Illusions
4 - The Day Innocence died
7 - Mess Of Hostility
6 - God's Wrath
God's Wrath (single) - March 2004 - Independant God's Wrath (single) - March 2004 - Independant
1 - God's Wrath